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Partners - Zinstall FullBack

Zinstall FullBack is a unique backup proposition, which our MSP partners turn into a solid revenue stream from satisfied customers.

Partnership options


In the simplest partnership approach, affiliate partnership, there is no need to purchase anything. Just resell Zinstall FullBack to your customers, and get 40% commission on the sales.


In the full Partner option, you get huge discounts, and can set your own end-user prices for your full service backup offering (they are allowed to be less than the list price – your clients will appreciate you getting them a better deal!)

Here is the partner pricing:

  • Desktop backup: $25 / license (instead of $99), or $65 per license for Zinstall FullBack Pro (which allows to restore programs as well).
  • Server backup: $200 / license (instead of $399), or $700 per license for Zinstall FullBack Server Pro.

Additional 10% discount starting with $10,000 total purchase.

Minimal purchase is $1,000.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us to get signed up today.

What can I do with FullBack that cannot be done by other backups?

Full restore unlike any other

You can restore not just specific files ("help, I've deleted my document"), but also a full migration restore (“help, my hard drive is dead”).
FullBack covers all files, including open files, PSTs, programs and Windows registry.

Everything returns to its exactly proper place.
This is not a “put all files in a folder on the desktop” restore.
Fullback restores each file go to its proper place, exactly where it was before. This even includes restoring of settings, preferences and defaults for user applications.
This means that the user gets, for example, their Outlook profile with all the accounts, emails and contacts,  Chrome profile with passwords, logins and bookmarks, Quickbooks reports ready for use - and so on.

The Pro version of FullBack will even restore the programs themselves, so that the recovered system will be just like the original, without hours of reinstalls to get the user up and running.

This works even if you restore to a totally different hardware and different Windows version compared to the old machine. For example, you absolutely can recover a backup taken from an old Dell Windows 7 32bit to a replacement HP Windows 10 64bit, and have all programs operational, settings configured, and profiles and files restored to their appropriate locations.

Dual backup - both local and Cloud storage

FullBack automatically backs up to local storage (USB drive / computer itself / network share / NAS).

At the same time – the backup also goes to Cloud storage (you can either “Bring your own Cloud”, such as your Amazon S3, Azure, or even Dropbox account, or you can purchase Cloud storage directly from Zinstall).

This way, most restores are done quickly from local backup, with no need to wait days for full download or hard drive delivery.

And in case of total disaster you still have full offsite backup on the Cloud.

Local and Cloud backups are always identical; you do not need to separately configure, manage and maintain two backup versions and types.

Backup as a piece of cake

FullBack is self-configurable (“run and do nothing”). It will attempt to detect available backup targets and start a backup (in most cases, that’s all that’s needed).

If needed, you can then easily add NAS / Cloud backup targets, or change other parameters. As an added benefit, simple user experience means less opportunity to break things when users just click on any buttons they see for no reason.

Half the space, half the time, no resource hogging

Zinstall FullBack is designed to be always on, without noticeable impact on system performance or user experience.

Data is captured in one pass, with real-time, in-flight compression, which means that in most cases, backup requires half the space of the original, and is done in half the time (saving on space also translates to dollar savings when the backup is done to a Cloud storage payable by GB).

FullBack consistently outperforms traditional Cloud backup in both time and traffic benchmarks, and eliminates the usual wait times and unreasonable backup and recovery windows.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us to get signed up today.