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Server Backup with Zero Effort - and Total Restore

One click complete backup for Windows Server 2012 and 2016. Restores all programs, settings and files. Does not slow down your server.

Server backup does not have to be complex - it just has to be powerful.

Zinstall FullBack Server is a fully automatic server backup, that requires you to do nothing. You install it on the server, and it keeps the server protected.

It protects everything you have (including applications, settings, databases and profiles, not just files!), can store backups locally or on a Cloud storage of your choice, survives ransomware virus attacks, and does not slow down your server.

Most importantly, it can natively restore the entire environment to a different server and different Windows version, so you will get a smooth recovery - instead of scrambling with replacement VMs or random collections of restored files.

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Questions? Need help? Our techs will help you every step of the way, or even remotely over the Internet (as part of the Full Service option) - just contact our Premium Support. Our support team is available 24x7 by appointment.

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