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Zinstall vs Competition:
You get what you pay for.

Zinstall Success Rate: 86.70


Zinstall is more expensive than competition. Why? Because it works.

How much is your stuff worth to you? If you lose everything in the transfer, if your computer gets corrupted, if you have to call a technician, how much would you pay to avoid it?

Zinstall has by far the highest success rate on the market, is recommended by Microsoft, and used by hundreds of PC service companies and thousands of PC techs as their own tool. Yes, you can buy a cheaper product – but what good is a cheap product that doesn’t work?

What Our Clients Say

Jamie Glaser

"My programs were large and very professional, not simple consumer apps. I am here to tell everyone that every single program is working 100 percent. Every single shortcut is working perfectly."

Colleen Saunders

"Zinstall was amazing! Thank you very much for saving me hours of tribulation! It worked as advertised and your instructions are what did the trick."

Bill Mael

"A couple of mouse clicks and a few hours later - DONE!! - a complete and fully functional copy of my old 'puter on the new one. No problems - password, files, everything and anything at all was transferred without incident! Way to go Zinstall!"

Michael C. Grimes, Esq.

"I had tough issues. Had to use an old backup. No muss no fuss. Got it done quickly. I'm happy as a clam. What a lucky find!"

Twice higher success rate, superior features






Success rate         52.40%


Transfers Microsoft applications         Yes


Transfers My Documents        


Transfers non-Microsoft applications         No Yes

Transfers incompatible applications
(e.g. Outlook Express, DOS programs, old tax programs)

        No Yes
Transfers all files from all folders and all hard drives         No Yes
Premium Remote Migration         No Yes
Fastest transfer speed         No Yes
Transfer over wireless / WiFi         No Yes
Does not require special cables         No Yes
Smart Transfer to SSD drives         No Yes
Transfer from broken computers         No Yes

Among Zinstall Customers

Are you rich enough to buy a cheap product?

Zinstall works for any program. competitor products only work for standard ones.

Competitor products rely on specific lists of applications that it can transfer. Zinstall transfers all applications, even complex, non-standard or old apps, even if you do not have the installation CDs and don’t remember your activation codes.

Zinstall transfer all files. Competitor products only transfer known locations.

Even if your files are stored in a non-standard location on your computer, outside your “My Documents” folder, or even just on the C: drive, Zinstall will transfer those files to your new computer.

Complete support, even remote connectivity

Our toll-free number is 877.444.1588. Our support email is Don’t believe the ads – try reaching us, right now, and getting an answer to your question. Then, try reaching our competitors (be patient, it will take a while). You’ll see why customers choose Zinstall every time.

You even have an option to have our engineers connect to your computer remotely, and do the entire transfer for you!

No magic cables, no configurations, 8x faster transfer speeds.

Competitor products require you to buy a special cable, and perform special configurations to make the transfer. Zinstall does not require anything special, and you don’t have to buy any special things. Just run Zinstall on your computers, and everything is automatic from there. Zinstall can even transfer via your wireless connection. Plus, the Zinstall transfer speed is up to 8 times faster than competitor products.

Zinstall supports any migrations scenario.

Our products will get you transfer even if your old computer is broken and doesn’t boot, even if you can’t connect the computers together, even if your new computer has an SSD drive smaller than your old computer’s hard drive, or even if you are upgrading your Windows “in-place”, on the same machine.

Zinstall WinWin $119

Transfer programs and files from one computer to another