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CNN “Zinstall WinWin: The product will transfer everything – programs, settings and files – to your new PC. No cables needed.”
Windows 10 In Depth “Zinstall Migration Kit Pro can carry users, data, and applications across an upgrade or clean reinstall of Windows 10 from any prior Windows version.”
Beginning Windows 10 “One of the best I’ve ever found, and that I can recommend completely, are the tools from Zinstall. Zinstall WinWin can be used to migrate from an old PC or OS to Windows 10.”
Windows 10 for Dummies “Zinstall WinWin might do a more thorough job, especially when transferring desktop programs from your old PC to your new one.”
Seattle Times “Zinstall WinWin is what you’ll need to transfer from one PC to another” Read More
Network World “Zinstall: Making Windows migrations and upgrades painless (even for Windows 10!)” Read More
Dallas News “Moving to a new computer? Let’s talk about migrating your programs and data” Read More
Dallas News “Zinstall is considered to be the first full backup software for Windows on ARM. It’s able to back up files, apps and settings automatically. These can then be stored locally, on an external storage device (such as a NAS drive or SD card) or via a cloud storage service.” Read More
WinSuperSite “Zinstall will transfer your programs, documents, music, pictures, favorites, emails, accounts, settings and all of your locally stored files. Supports transfers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10Read More
The Gadgeteer “Zinstall WinWin software review – Windows PC migration made easy” Read More
The Inquirer “Allows users to migrate to Windows 10 and keep all their settings and programs intact, whereas otherwise they would be required to perform a clean install.” Read More
PCR Online “Was able to migrate server applications, settings, databases, and, of course, files.” Read More
CRN “Zinstall’s application migration platform works to migrate applications seamlessly and easily, cutting down time on the overall process from a few days to one day.” Read More
MakeUseOf “A simple setup and the interface is intuitive. We successfully migrated Windows 8.1 settings to Windows 10.” Read More
Make Tech Easier: “I can say with pride and assurance that I have never tried anything easier to use or more useful than Zinstall WinWin. It definitely scores above and beyond anything else I can possibly think of at this moment.” Read More
New York Times “They may cost money, but they offer more automated and thorough data transfers between computers.”
CBS News “Can easily transfer all of your stuff – both documents and programs
PC Advisor Magazine: Definitely worth recommending, even for someone without a lot of technical knowledge”
InfoWorld: “With Zinstall XP7, the entire system is transferred to the new Windows7. Applications, files, background settings, and so on!”
The Epoch Times: “Zinstall is the easiest solution I’ve come across, as the application does all the work for the user”
Epinions: “Zinstall: 5 star product, even better support (if that’s possible).”
Windows IT Pro: “Zinstall aids productivity and facilitates a gradual migration to Windows 7.”
Government Computing News: “Seeing our old XP desktop running under Windows 7 is something akin to a magic trick, especially when you can switch between the two on the fly. We benchmarked the new system before and after the old desktop data moved over, and we found nearly identical results
ReadWriteWeb: “ZInstall is designed to take the headache out of switching from Windows XP to Windows 7.”
RedmondMag: “Zinstall will reach out and pull everything from XP… You run it until you’re completely comfortable with Windows 7.”
InformationWeek: “Aren’t ready to let go of XP as you upgrade to Windows 7? Zinstall can help.”
The Bulletin: “Zinstall will definitely allow you to upgrade to Windows 7 on top of XP.”
Windows 7 News: “I was surprised when I tested it how little configuration there was to do. If you’re either worried about incompatibilities with software you absolutely cannot live without, or if any down-time will cost you money, this could well be the solution you’ve been looking for.”
Windows 7 Update: “Zinstall XP7 transfers everything from the old computer to the new one in a click – including all programs, settings and files. I wholeheartedly recommend this for the move to Windows 7 from XP.”
Digit Magazine: “ZInstall XP7 takes away the pain from upgrading to Windows 7 and with no loss of data or installed applications!”